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Landscaping + Lawn Care

Landscape Design

Landscape that look and function great, take planning and design. Our New York landscape design team will discuss the best landscape design for your budget and needs. No matter if your goal is to entertain, a place to unwind, or just a distinction for your home, the JCP Landscaping designers can help bring your ideas to fruition.

Tree, Shrub and Flower Planting

We take pride in the trees, shrubs, and flowers we offer. When planting a landscape it is important to have the knowledge behind JCP Landscaping in your corner. Plant-life in the east Long Island area has different needs depending on the specific plant. Things like planting depth, water, sunlight, and fertilizing are different for different plants. Let the plant experts at JCP Landscaping handle it.

Expert Rose Bush Care

The basics of rose care include such elemental needs as a sunny growing area, adequate water, generous high-quality fertilizer and a trusty pair of hand trimmers. Growing roses takes some knowledge and effort, but with JCP Landscaping you can have all the beauty and benefits of a rose garden without the time and effort. Call JCP Landscaping today.

Bed Maintenance

Landscape beds are a great way to accent your property and provide beauty for passersby. Installation to maintenance is what JCP Landscaping is all about. Not only will we design, build, and install your landscape beds, but we are happy to maintain them, so you, and your home's property value, can enjoy it for years to come.


Over time, mulch decomposes or washes away. It is important to keep fresh mulch on your landscape. Mulch provides many benefits including: enhancing the look of gardens, trees, and other plant life, weed control, moisture retention, and it maintains soil temperature. If the mulch in your landscape beds looks weak and weary, call JCP Landscaping today and make an improvement.

Garden Maintenance

Homeowners and designers that like to add splashes of color to dark or dull areas of a landscape or patio can do so with container gardens. Flower and plant containers can be placed in open spots blending into the natural composition of a perennial flower bed or they can be used as an accent near to enhance the experience. Our designers excel in building, laying out and maintaining these gardens for year round uniqueness and color.

Lawn Mowing, Edging, and Blowing

Most homeowners are slow to sharpen their mowing blades and have no idea what the appropriate mowing height for their lawn is. Did you know that mowing your lawn at the wrong height or with dull blades actually does more damage than good? This leads to years of a having a lawn with brown spots or a lawn that just isn't quite as green as the neighbors. Take the guessing out of your lawn and let the lawn care experts at JCP Landscaping mow your lawn. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and affordable.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilizers are nutrition for the lawn. Nutrition is a key factor for a beautiful lawn. Your lawn requires various elements to be healthy. Although a majority of these elements are obtainable from the plants surrounding environment, help is required. The secret to a green lawn lies in providing fertilization during the prime growth months. Our team of experts and products are just what your lawn needs to make your neighbors envious.

Organic Lawn Fertilization

Organic lawn care can produce a healthy, thick, green lawn for you and your family to enjoy. Homeowners can rest assured knowing their products are safe and effective. We assure you "going green" with our organic fertilization service ensures a green healthy lawn and does not sacrifice effectiveness over traditional fertilizers. We offer both organic and traditional lawn fertilization programs. Call JCP today and request your free lawn evaluation.

Sod Installation

The simplest thing you can do to get fast results from your landscape is to lay down high-quality sod. We use only the finest turf grass for our sod projects. We prepare your landscape prior to laying sod. With JCP Landscaping, you can always trust in the quality of both our products and service.


Overseeding is a process used to grow new grass in existing turf. Overseeding is a very effective means to make your lawn more resilient to insects, disease, and drought. In combination with aeration, it is one of the best methods to obtaining a healthy lawn.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of removing small "plugs" of grass and soil from your lawn. As time passes, soil naturally gets compacted from people, animals, and equipment stepping on it. Clay rich soil often that new lawns are often forced to grow on can benefit greatly from core aeration. Lawn Aeration allows the grass roots to breathe and expand, promoting deeper root systems and a healthier lawn. By aerating the lawn you allow oxygen, nutrients, fertilizer, and seed to be more effective in your lawn. Ultimately this leads to a greener, thicker, healthier lawn that is resistant to insects, disease, and drought.

Perimeter Pest Control

JCP Landscaping can help control perimeter pest problems by providing an invisible barrier. This barrier will protect your home from crawling insects, such as spiders, ants and centipedes. Most pest problems start on the outside. We will pay special attention to the areas around your home which provide easy access to these pests. Foundation cracks, window wells and door thresholds are a few examples of easy access points. Our annual program will provide professional and timely treatments to protect your home. Please contact us today for additional information and pricing.

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn diseases are not only unsightly, but often difficult to identify. In most cases, lawn diseases are fungal, arising from any combination of unbalanced nutrients, inadequate irrigation and poor air circulation. While fungicidal sprays are beneficial, controlling and eliminating lawn diseases mostly involves promoting a dense, vigorously-growing turf. This can only be obtained with regular care and management throughout the growing season and into its dormancy. Call JCP Landscaping for all your lawn disease solutions.

Weed Control

Nothing can ruin your morning like stepping out of the house and seeing a lawn riddled with dandelions and crabgrass. JCP's lawn care program ensures your mornings won't be ruined by the site of weeds in your lawn. If weeds are a problem in your lawn, then call the lawn care experts at JCP and they will be happy to take the problem out of your hands.

Grub Control

Did you know that lawn grubs are actually the larvae stage of the Japanese Beetle? Their eggs number in the thousands and when they hatch, and those grubs are hungry and looking to eat the roots of your grass. In order to control this lawn pest, it is extremely important to have good timing. JCP's trained lawn care technicians can assess your need for grub control and apply the perfect timing to control this pesky lawn pest.

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