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Snow Removal

Residential and Commercial Snow Removal New York

At JCP Landscaping we pride ourselves on being your complete property maintenance company and that doesn't stop when the snow falls. Our attention to detail separates us from the rest of the Long Island snow removal companies. We plow, but we also hand shovel, sweep porches, and apply sand or salt.

For our commercial snow removal clients, you can rest assured that your property is being maintained to the highest of standards. We understand that snow and the ice it brings can be a liability for your business and we are dedicated to ensuring you total satisfaction. Call today for your free snow management estimate.

Other Great JCP Landscaping Services

Deer Fencing

Deer fencing is a high-strength, weather resistant polypropylene mesh grid that has become the deer control method of choice for keeping deer out of garden areas or entire properties without changing the aesthetics of the site. Deer and other critters can wreak havoc on a beautiful garden or landscape. Keep deer out by call JCP Landscaping today.

Deer Repellant Management Program

There are many humane, effective, and maintenance free deer repellent products available. They keep deer away from your property without messy or expensive chemical solutions. Call a JCP Landscaping expert today to discuss the method and program that best suites you and your property.

Flea and Tick Control

JCP Landscaping has the solution to your flea and tick problem. We partner with local technicians that provide an outdoor flea and tick treatment. For best results, four applications are recommended. Contact a JCP professional today and ask about our flea and tick control.

Gypsy Moth Control

The best way to avoid gypsy moth damage is to keep your trees healthy. A strong vigorous tree is better equipped to naturally resist the attacks of the gypsy moth. If you see egg masses on tree trunks, outdoor furniture, or swing sets, chances are you have a gypsy moth problem. Give JCP Landscaping a call today, so we can eradicate this pest and prevent future infestations.

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